About us

Vasilis Alexiadis

AEGEAN LINK was founded in 2020 by Vasilis Alexiadis. The company although newly established, carries over a 30-year knowledge and expertise from a prior family business in the field of international road transport. Inspired by its founder’s personal values and culture, AEGEAN LINK follows a new venture in the field of transport  aiming growth and innovation.

AEGEAN LINK fulfils its broad range of customers’ expectations on delivering shipments across Europe, by offering specialized cost-effective transport services and flexible options – safely, reliably and on time.
Special procedures and security truck-monitoring systems guarantee the safety of transporting high-value cargo. Our entire fleet from Standard, Mega Trailers, BDF Container Chassis to Flatbed Trailers can meet  all customer’s requirements.
Professional and experienced employees operating in the transport industry for many years. Τrained multilingual drivers and our equipment establish the conditions for reliable service of all our customers.


Our vision is to be among the premier transport companies in domestic and foreign market.
Our values matter because our customers matter. Our values make us who we are and our principles guide us in pursuing our goals. Goals are about results; values are about people.

Protect the driver and cargo, because they matter most.
Drivers of success.
We treat the customer in the same way that we would seek to be treated by our partners and we gain strength from our differences.
Doing the right thing, even when it’s not easy.
Relentlessly doing what it takes to meet our customers’ expectations.

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions designed to exceed customer expectations and ensure the continued success of Aegean Link company and our family of employees.
Vasilis Alexiadis